Alliances & Network Coordination

Provid has established alliances and has built a network of collaborators that greatly expands the scope of our core medicinal chemistry capabilities, including a number of early stage discovery technologies and chemistry support:

Core competencies and capabilities
  • Protein synthesis and assay development
  • Screening and analysis of in-house or external compound libraries
  • Fragment-based NMR screening
  • Biophysical studies on proteins and protein-ligand interactions
  • Protein crystallography and biostructure-based design
  • Mechanism of action studies
  • Computational chemistry including homology modeling and virtual screening
  • Exploratory in vitro ADME and permeability

Projects involving both Provid and external partners operate via an alliance team including scientists and a program leader from Provid, a senior team leader and scientific staff from the partner, and the client's representatives. With established relationships and trusted partners, Provid's alliances enable clients to benefit from the combined experience, emphasis on high quality, productivity, and sophisticated science at each center, coupled with lower costs.  Provid works with clients to define project boundaries and those aspects of a project that can be performed effectively with our partners or with other resources in our extensive network.