Exceptional Client Communications

Exceptional client communcations

Provid's scientific team works collaboratively with our client's own experts, sharing our insights and those of the client throughout the project.

The sharing of data is done on an ongoing basis via emails and phone conferences, with summary discussions, reports, and meetings as desired. Drug discovery is successful only when a research program is carefully designed and the goals of a project are aligned with the objectives of the client. This is best achieved when the client and Provid interact as peers in a scientific collaboration.

Because of Provid's experience, we can tailor a project plan suited to any stage of a program. Provid's clients often have established the biology program and will carry out assay development and testing of compounds produced by Provid. We can initiate work from any entry point, such as a screening hit, biostructural concept, peptide lead, etc.

We also recognize that drug discovery is an art as well as a science, and that each experiment should provide valuable information to guide future efforts. We work jointly to solve problems and deliver solutions and go/no-go decisions that are meaningful to the client.