Lead Discovery & Optimization

Provid's capabilities and alliances enable us to enter into drug discovery projects at any point along the process:
from target...to hit...to lead...to drug.

Lead Discovery & Optimization

Typically, clients have well-developed biology and some entry point into drug discovery, such as an assay hit, early "lead", a compound needing optimization, or even just biostructural or mechanistic data.  In some cases, active compounds with exciting biology are available, but the molecules are non-proprietary.  In other cases a client may have already identified a development candidate that encounters problems downstream.  In each case, Provid will support the client's objectives and develop an appropriate plan and resources to deliver an optimal solution.

Beyond our core expert medicinal chemistry, Provid is able, through alliance partners, to offer protein synthesis, assay development, HTS against a carefully designed compound collection, fragment-based screening by NMR, and biophysical characterization of assay hits.  Provid is also able to incorporate lower-cost chemistry support into a project plan via Asian partners and scale-up of compounds for the client's in vivo biology testing.

Provid's other entry point into drug discovery is via the company's deep expertise in peptide chemistry and peptide mimetics technology.  Provid has over 10 years experience in this field, and the company's team is led by pioneers in peptide and mimetics drug discovery.

Provid's small molecule drug discovery and sophisticated peptide and peptide mimetics research expertise is uniquely suited for the discovery of drugs for complex targets such as protein-protein interactions and other challenging targets.