Novel IP

Provid's focus is on invention and value creation for our clients.

The creation of value in a drug discovery program depends on generating novel intellectual property and patentable new molecular entities. The Provid team has extensive patent track records with collectively over 100 US patents and applications across a range of therapeutic targets and chemical classes.

At the outset of a project and as part of the ongoing work, we gain an understanding from multiple data resources of the competitive landscape and patents in the field as we define an approach to novel compounds. This informal assessment can identify the most promising structural types to create novelty. We can assist our clients and their attorneys when they are formally evaluating patentability and freedom to operate through their own detailed patent searching.

In client drug discovery projects, we assign IP created for our clients to them. We also support the patent application process by working with the client's attorneys. Using our experience in writing patent applications, we also help define the scope of the disclosure and claims as well as preparing experimental examples, schemes, and in drafting and reviewing generic formulae.