Problem Solving

Provid has supported clients in all aspects of drug discovery medicinal chemistry. We typically pursue projects where our expertise in problem solving can add value to the client. Typically, projects involve severals stages and strategies:

Re-synthesize assay hits/leads and prepare related analogs to confirm activity and identify issues to be addressed.


Use biostructural data, computational modeling, and target-directed strategies.

Generate novel IP

Incorporate novelty in early stages of design.

Medicinal chemistry/SAR

  • Pursue hypothesis-driven approach for hit-to-lead medicinal chemistry
  • Probe SAR to establish pharmacophore and pathway for lead optimization
  • Perform lead optimization cycles based on biological feedback to enhance potency, selectivity, properties
  • Pursue multiple early leads and select those with most promising properties for development
  • Assess transport, stability, pharmaceutical properties, PK, ADMET
  • Support patent exemplification and filing strategy